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We were in Ajax last weekend and had lots of fun. I made soccer outfits and they were a hit. I met Natasha, in picture holding her doll Chrissa, who came to see me both days and got a lot of clothes for Chrissa. It was a pleasure to meet Natasha, her little sister and 8 month old baby brother, as well as her mom. I hope her mom emails me so that I can send her my new creations when I come back from PEI. I told Natasha that I use my Chrissa as a model when I make clothes because she looks beautiful in anything. I put up a picture of Cassandra working at the tournament, while her sister and partner, Jacqueline was playing soccer. We made a lot of soccer outfits, which I put a picture of. I also put up a picture of polka dot matching sundress that I made for Celina and her doll Julia and hope she sends me a picture on them in it. Now both Cassandra and Jacqueline want the same dresses to go on our trip with. They also want a matching bandana with their initials on it, just like the one I did for Celina. So I better get sewing to get them done before we leave this Thursday. I will miss everyone at the Newmarket Farmers Market, but will be back there Saturday July 31st. I hope the girls and I will get lots of inspiration for new creations while on Prince Edward Island. See everyone when I get back. Love Grandma Bea, Jacqueline & Cassandra xx
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