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Hi girls, I sent some Xmas dresses and hope to get some comments on which I should do more of. My personal favorite is the purple and white sparkle one, which has a cape Img.1878. I just made this little coat and wonder if I should make more in different colors? The market is closed for the year and the girls came to work last Saturday (picture of them looking bored). It was freezing and very slow. I am going to miss seeing all your happy faces and your dolls this winter. Know that you can always come to my house when you are looking for something special for your doll, you are always welcome, just phone 905-830-9850.

Thank you all for a wonderful summer! I have a craft show this Saturday, November 6th, at the Cornerstone Church on Industrial Parkway. I also have one at Pickering College on Saturday, November 27th. I will be sewing and trying new outfits all winter so that when we open in the Spring, I will have lots of new outfits. If I don’t see you, have a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a healthy, happy winter.

Grand Bea x

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