Xmas 2010

In Uncategorized on January 2, 2011 at 12:10 pm

Xmas was wonderful.  Cassie and Jac’s dolls are all dressed up and hung their stockings for Santa.  Jac and Cassie got shoes racks and Jac is posing with them full of shoes.  Jim made their shoe racks and they were very happy with them.  I have 2 new dresses on, but am not happy with the gloves on blue and white one.  Will make white gloves and see how they look.  I now have to work on all new outfits as Xmas was busy.  I will be making Irish Dancing dresses as soon as I can figure out how to!! 


Love Grandma Bea

IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1943 IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_1947 IMG_1948

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