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This picture was taken by SNAP at the Pickering College Xmas Tour.  Jacqueline and Cassandra, my grand daughters are on the left and came all the way from Ajax with their mom Kathleen, to help me.  Becky, on the right, is my assistant and I don’t know what I would do without her.  Jacqueline and Cassandra got me to start sewing for their dolls and when it got crazy, we started to sell the outfits.  Because they live in Ajax and cannot come often, Becky helps me do everything to keep us going.  She has helped me at the Newmarket Farmers Market, shows and is terrific.  She also helps me at home sorting laces, fabrics, painting furniture.  She now even cuts out patterns and sews bottoms on coats, etc.  I do not know what I would do without her. as well as her mom, my friend Anne.  Anne all last summer came early to the market to help me set up and load her van with stuff for me.  She shops and finds stuff I need for the dolls.  She helps me organize at home as well as helping me at shows.  I cannot say enough about my friend Anne.  Without Anne and Becky, I could not do what I do.  Thank you my friends Anne and Becky!!


Love  Grand Bea xx


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