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We had a great time Saturday at the Markham Fairgrounds.  Jacqueline was a helper and really helped a lot, since she had to tie the tiny little laces on Irish dancing shoes.  Becky was there of course and she worked very hard all day – 10 hours, as well as my friend, her Mom Anne.  I really could not do any shows without Anne and Becky.  They brought everything in their van and because I had to leave at noon to go to Ajax to look after my son Grant, who had surgery.  They had to load everything back into the van and bring it back to my house in Newmarket.  I really don’t know how to thank my friend Anne.   They sold every Irish dancing outfit, some dolls and a lot of the outfits that I had made.  Cassandra made a “first place” sash for the dolls and it was a big hit.

In last posting I said that Becky sewed “bottoms” on coats.  I meant “buttons” and she laughed when she read it and I told her that I would correct it.  I have to mention that Denise made the Irish dancing outfits and everyone commented how beautiful they were.  She is very talented and I could not have made them that well.  So thank you Denise, they were the hit of the day.




Grandma Bea xx

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