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lounge chair

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Have been sewing new stuff this weekend.  My friend Anne found this adorable old fashion lounge chair, so I had to make an old fashion night gown and cap for it. I also like the leather pant suit on Cassie.  I have made a lot of yoga pants and love the way they look.  Any comments or suggestions?



Grandma Bea x

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I had a suggestion from Megan to make tops with 3 quarter sleeve to go with pants.  I like it but still need some other suggestions.



Grandma Bea x



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I am trying to make different waistbands for these yoga pants.  Cassie’s has 2 bands, different colors, but that was difficult and a lot of work that I didn’t feel looked that much better for doll, as limited space.  I still have to make some tops to go with these pants and am still thinking about what type to make.  Any ideas?


Love  Grandma Bea x

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 I have been experimenting with yoga pants ever since Cassie saved up $120 and got a pair.  I made 4 pairs before I even got close and still need to fix pattern a little.  I am stuck with what type of top to make with them.  Any suggestions or comments?

Love  Grandma Bea x


Feb. 14/11

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A new dress, a figure skating on Chrissa and 2 new Irish dancing outfits.  Denise is getting better, which is hard to believe.  As you can see, I had trouble with the wig, but hope it didn’t take away from the beauty of the outfits.  Thanks Denise!


Love  Grandma Bea x

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Birthday gift

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I have 2 girls coming tomorrow with Felicity and Julie.  Their Mom asked me to make something  for her 6 year old daughter’s birthday and has “Julie”. I made her matching pj’s and hope that she likes one of these for Julie.  I have made several other things for her to choose from and hope that she likes them.




Grandma Bea xx

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