In Uncategorized on March 29, 2011 at 6:52 pm

Even though the trend this year is short prom dresses, I thought I would make a long traditional one.  I’m not sure I like the gloves and think maybe black would look better.  Also, should I put a small silver necklace or is that too much?  Please give me your ideas.


Love  Grandma Bea x


  1. i think the puppies are adorable and the prom dresses are too.i have been really busy with my play rehursals i will try to call u!

  2. hey my dolls are so easy to play with with the bed i was wondering when you’d be availible because im dyeing to see you also at school theres this thing called highview idol and its a singing comppition and i auditoned and i made it to the second try out wich was wednesday and i find out if i made it to the real thing.

    • Jess, CONGRATULATIONS and Good Luck with the real thing. I will be at the Market starting next Saturday, May 21st. I have been very busy and did a big show in London last week. I hope you will drop in and see me at the market.

      Love Grandma Bea xx

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