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robes/matching pj’s.

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It will start to get cool at night, so made some warm, cozy sets.



Grandma Bea x


I need suggestions!

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I need some suggestions for the Fall and Winter clothes.  I know that I made this shirt before but Cassie told me to put on tabs so can roll up sleeves, so I did. The denim vest have tartan facing, which I forgot to show.  I will have to go to the Mall and see what the girls are wearing to get some ideas for new outfits that look good.  I am now making hoodie robes with matching pj’s as well as make more yoga pants.  I will have all my new things at the Newmarket Farmers market this Saturday from 8 am to 1 PM.  Come see me.


A girl bought a sun dress and matching hat a couple of weeks ago and I found the hat on the table after she left.  I keep bringing it to the market and hope that she comes get it because the dress is not complete without it.  Also, a girl left her wallet/purse and has not come back for it.  I always bring it with me and hope she comes for it.



Grandma Bea x

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Fall Jackets

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I had the best day at the market last weekend.  2 of my customers  (I would guess 5 and 7) brought me some cookies.  It was the sweetest thing and made me feel really good for the whole day!  I made a faux leather jacket that I put up last week (aqua).  It was difficult to sew and thought I would try real leather.  It cost me a lot more to buy the leather, but I really like them.  You can smell the leather and it looks much nicer as the “real” thing.  I will see how they go at the market before I decide if I should make more of them.  As always, I welcome your comments or suggestions.



Grandma Bea x 

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I am making jean jackets and leather.  The leather is hard, so don’t know if I will make anymore.  I had to put straw hat I found on Nikki because it looked so cute.  I would love any suggestions for my Fall and winter outfits.



Grandma Bea xx

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I took Cassandra and Jacqueline to Niagara Falls last week.  We invited Becky along as our guest as I felt she works hard for me and deserved a little treat.  The pictures are taken from our room (41st floor) and as you can see, the view was magnificent.  The 3 girls had a lot of fun, mostly shopping and trying to find the 2 cutes guys they met from England (who were staying at our hotel).  They never ran into them again, but had fun looking. I am starting to make stuff for back to school and tried a plaid pleated skirt and jean jacket.  I still need to change the jacket a little, but hope I am going in the right direction.  As always, I love receiving your comments and suggestions.  COME SEE ME AT THE NEWMARKET FARMERS MARKET  ON SATURDAY MOENING OR CALL AND COME SEE MY NEW ROOM FOR THE DOLLS AT MY HOUSE.


Love, Grandma Bea x

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