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The lady who ordered this, asked me not to put the ruffle on the top, so I didn’t.  I thought it looked boring so shortened top and added a little frill (which can be removed easily if not acceptable. I like it better!



Grandma Bea x


dance costume

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I just spent 4-1/2 hours on this costume.  It is the most difficult outfit I have ever done. I wanted to stop but did not want to disappoint a little girl for Xmas.  I hope she likes it and has a wonderful Xmas.



Grandma Bea x



IMG_2970 IMG_2971

Xmas triplets

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I haven’t put pictures up lately because as soon as I make something new, it sells! I am trying to keep up, but am getting very tired.  Making more dresses today.



Grandma Bea xx


long version

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Just had to make another, just a little different.



Grandma Bea x


Lauren in red

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I made this for a little girl in Peterborough.  I like it so much that I will make another for the show this weekend.



Grandma Bea x



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I love the pink fabric because it has LOVE and hearts all over it.



Grandma Bea x

IMG_2962 IMG_2964

Festive dresses for holidays

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Chrissa loves fancy dresses and looks very pretty in them  I am working on a bunch of them for the show on Leslie Street in Sharon this Saturday.  I think I better do some red ones for Xmas.



Grandma Bea x

IMG_2958 IMG_2961

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