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Saturday was my first day back at the market. We had beautiful weather and saw lots of my old friends come see me.  It was really a good day.  I am not a great photographer, as you can see my shadow!!  I found this cut pink fabric and just had to see how it would look, I like it!  It said it is going to rain Saturday and I hope everyone thinks sunshine, really hard for me.  Hope to see you at the Market



Grandma Bea x

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Sewing for market

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I am sewing new things for the market on Saturday and hope that I can come up with lots of new things.



Grandma Bea x

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i went to Brampton yesterday for a Feis and got lost!!  I was an hour and a half late when I finally found it.  I was happy that Jacqueline and Kathleen were there to help me set up.  We were pretty busy immediately while setting up and I forgot to take pictures of the Irish dancing outfits!  The bikini and yoga pants were very popular as were the dress, hat and purse sets.  They sold real quick at $20 per set.  Now I am getting ready to do the Newmarket Farmers Market starting this weekend, June 15th.  I was so tired today that I just did nothing but have to start sewing again tomorrow.  I hope I see you at the Market.



Grandma Bea x

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Grace’s Birthday/

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Grace had a Birthday and tea party where we did a fashion show for her and her friends. Her Mom had the best food and the party was great.  Today, we did the Aurora Street Festival.  It was so windy that we only took 3 pictures because things just kept blowing away.  It was a good day and I will be sewing all week to replace all the outfits we sold.  Thanks girls!!  I have a Feis in Mississauga next Saturday, so will be sewing a lot.



Grandma Bea xx

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